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Property Management

 The Property Management Section, of the Real Estate Services Division is responsible for managing (except operational matters) all real estate owned by Lewis County, Washington. It maintains the County road files and an inventory of all County-owned parcels. It acquires real estate and other property rights for various public purposes, evaluates the impact of requests to permanently encumber the property by easements, the grant of long-term leases, or the granting of temporary or indeterminate permits. This section also handles the processing of requests to sell surplus real estate, vacate unnecessary road right-of-way, and close county roads. It reviews all short plats and long plats for adequacy of access.

Functions include but are not necessarily limited to:

  1. Over Legal Permits - For movement of vehicles which are over legal dimensions (length, width, height, or weight) on county roads.
  2. Subdivision of land - review for adequacy of access, dedications, covenants and title.

County road right-of-way functions:

  1. Customer relations - Determinations of road right-of-way width, end of road right of way, end of road maintenance, road title and jurisdiction.
  2. Franchises - Process applications to install utilities on county road right of way.
  3. Road Establishments and Vacations.
  4. Acquisition - Road right of way and drainage.
  5. Permits - To improve or otherwise work on county road right of way for temporary or indeterminate periods of time. More on Forms/Documents...
  6. Road Closures

County owned real estate:

  1. Leases
  2. Easements
  3. Sale or Trade
  4. Acquisition- Full fee or partial property rights.